• Lehmonkärki  Villa Aurum - Low-energy techonology solutions

  • Kiuasniemi  Villa Jolla - Low-energy technology solutions

Towards a Carbon Neutral Municipality

The Asikkala and Padasjoki municipalities are participating in an internationally unique project that aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions more extensively and rapidly than the targets set by the EU would require. In six years the local emissions have been reduced by 10-34%. The most important reductions of emissions have been achieved by the transition to geothermal energy, improvements in the energy efficiency of housing, improved waste management and the development of district heating.

In addition to the participating municipalities, local tourism entrepreneurs have also invested in eco-friendliness. Lehmonkärki resort in Asikkala can be considered a pioneer in renewable energy. The main buildings of the farm are heated with geothermal energy, solar collectors and woodchips, and the newest villas have been built using low-energy technology solutions. In addition to Lehmonkärki, Villa Jolla (Kiuasniemi Villas) in Padasjoki is heated with geothermal energy with heat pipes located at the bottom of Lake Päijänne. Villa Jolla’s lights and taps are also equipped with motion sensors, and the air conditioning system stores the heat.

More information about the Carbon Neutral Municipality project