• Kahvisaari  Island - Lake Päijänne

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  • Sysmä  Marina

Clear and drinkable South Päijänne: Asikkala – Padasjoki - Sysmä

Lake Päijänne is a region of unique and varied lakeland nature, clean water, esker scenery, rich flora and leisure residents in three municipalities: Asikkala, Padasjoki and Sysmä. Asikkala is charmingly idyllic, Padasjoki is home to beautiful national park scenery and Sysmä is packed full of events during the summer.

The region is known as the gateway to the Finnish Lakeland and is 125 km from Helsinki and 25 km from the region's centre, Lahti. Over 25% of the 2400 km2 surface area is water!

Ridges and islands shaped by the Ice Age

The Finnish inland waters, unique ridges and islands were shaped by the last Ice Age about 11,500 years ago. The peaks of the ridges appeared under the ice at the final stage of the Ice Age. The entire Southern Finland was still covered by the Baltic Ice Lake, while Northern Finland was covered by kilometre-thick ice. The traces of the Ice Age are still visible here because the edge of the ice ran three times over the Southern Lake Päijänne area. The edge of the ice stayed for hundreds of years at this point and created, for example, Pulkkilanharju ridge and Kelvenne Island.

An important source of drinking water

The region’s nature is dominated by Finland's most important source of clean water, Southern Lake Päijänne, from which over one million Finns get their drinking water. The water flows to Helsinki along a 125-km tunnel mined in the rock. All environmental actions in this region therefore affect also Helsinki.

South Päijänne’s three municipalities

Asikkala offers activities and entertainment throughout the year. In summer, the most popular place is Vääksy Canal region and the small shops and boutiques located in its vicinity, Päijännetalo House and the Water Mill on the Vääksyjoki river.

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Padasjoki enchants visitors with the scenery of Päijänne National Park, which can be admired, for example, on lake cruises by M/S Elbatar, by water taxi or by canoeing. In addition to its natural beauty, the municipality is also renowned for its Sahti (home-brewed beer) Market and Lake Päijänne Sailing Race in July. For those hungry for culture, there are concerts, art exhibitions, museums and a nationally award-winning open-air theatre.

Sysmä is renowned for numerous cultural events, historic manors and a valuable lake and wetland area, which forms a Natura 2000 site known as the Sysmä bird wetlands. Other interesting places to visit are Sysmä Theatre House and St Olaf’s Church.

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