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Kelvenne trail 9,7 km

The Kelvenne Trail passes through the Päijänne NationalPark, taking walkers from beautiful sandybeaches to peaceful forests and tops of high eskers.It’s an easy-to-follow path with lovely views. Kelvenneis an esker island formed during the Ice Age, and effectsof the Ice Age can also be seen in the eskers,kettle holes and sheltered bays.


Lenght:  9,7 km

Trail markings:  Painted blue marks

Difficulty:  Medium

Altitude difference:  39 m

Duration:  2-4 h

Start and end points:  Kirkkosalmi at the southern end N61 19.723 E25 27.122 or Likolahti at the northern end N61 23.633 E25 26.661


The start and end points of the Kelvenne trail are in the south of theisland (Kirkkosalmi) and in the north (Likolahti), and the trail can bewalked in either direction. The trail passes through the entire island,winding along beaches as well as high eskers. Between Koukunlahtiand Supanlahti, the trail splits into two: one that goes up on theesker and one that follows the western shore. These two branchescome together again after about 500 metres. There are several niceresting places along the trail, in sheltered bays and on fine sandybeaches. In the middle of the island, there is a kettle hole that hasformed a small lake. The trail also passes pine swamps oozing thecharming scent of Labrador marsh tea. The Kelvenne island consistsof beautiful esker and lake landscapes. Most of the forest is drypeaty forest with sections of broad-leaved forest near the lake.


Due to the elevation and rocky path sections, the Kelvenne Trail is ratedMedium. The trail can be walked in running shoes, although in somerocky places hiking boots can be a better alternative.

Good to know

There are three wild camping sites on the Kelvenne island: Hinttolanhiekka,Nimetön and Isohieta. Kelvenne is also a great destinationfor a canoe or a boat trip. There are many nice, sandy beaches, for example,in Kirkkosalmi, Hinttolanhiekka, Kyyränlahti, Isohieta, and on theeastern shore of the island, at the northern end of the trail. There areeight campfire sites along the trail, and all of these sites have toilets.In addition, there is a large, sheltered cooking facility in Kirkkosalmi.Things to remember to take with you: toilet paper and, if you are planningto have a fire, a knife and matches. The nearest tourist services arein Padasjoki.


Accessing the starting point

In the summertime, you can access the Kelvenne island on a lakecruise or alternatively by boat taxi, which can be booked from KiuasniemiMarina and Kullasmarina in Padasjoki and from Lehmonkärkiin Asikkala. Canoeing equipment can be rented, for example, fromPadasjoen Latu ry. There are several excursion harbours for those arrivingwith their own boat.


1.  Great sandy beaches in sheltered bays

2.  Ketlle hole pond

3.  Päijänne National Park