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Juustopolku trail 17 km

Juustopolku is an old connection trail from Heinola toVuolenkoski. Leading through a fairy tale-like spruceforest, it helps you forget about all your troubles. Thetrail is suitable for a day trip, but it is also possible tostay overnight in the lean-to shelter. There is an impressiveboulder, Kupparinkivi (“Cupper’s Rock”), bythe trail. And if you pay close attention, you may seetraces of beavers that have lived in the area.


Lenght:  17 km

Trail markings:  Painted white marks

Difficulty:  Medium

Altitude difference:  60m

Duration:  1-2 days

Starting point:  Tamppilahdenkatu 35, 18150 Heinola, N61 11.309 E26 02.207

End point:  Vuolenkoski school, Vuolenkoskentie 1298, Iitti N61 05.076 E26 08.902


Juustopolku starts from Jyränkö, Heinola, by Lake Konnivesi. Theterrain varies from paths to forest roads. Soon after the startingpoint, the trail leads to a spruce forest, and later it passes throughlichen-covered rocks, groves and heathlands. The trail ends in thevillage of Vuolenkoski. There are two lean-to shelters along the trail:the Korvenlampi shelter in a beautiful lookout spot and Läpiä shelterin the forest. Korvenlampi is about 3.8 km from the starting point,and Läpiä is about 9 km from the starting point.



There are some hilly and rocky sections on the trail, so sturdy shoesare recommended. In general, the trail is well maintained and clearlymarked. Some sections have duckboards. Please take the duration ofthe trail into consideration and bring a sufficient supply of food and water.There are some lumbering sites along the trail, and in these placesyou must pay close attention to the correct route.

Good to know

In rainy weather, there are puddles on the trail, so waterproof shoes area better alternative than running shoes. Bring a knife and matches tomake a fire. The Juustopolku Hike is arranged every autumn, includingbus transportation to both ends of the trail. Lots of berries and mushroomscan be found along the trail, and they can be picked freely.


How to get there

You can start the Juustopolku trail from the centre of Heinola: walkdown Tamppilahdenkatu until the crossing with Muikkuojankatu. Thisis where the trail starts to follow the lakeshore. Heinola has good busconnections, and the starting point of the trail is within walking distanceof bus stops. The nearest is the Jyränkö stop. In Vuolenkoski, the trailstarts from the Vuolenkoski school or sports field. Vuolenkoski cannotbe accessed by public transportation.


1.  Kupparinkivi boulder

2.  Romantic spruce forest

3.  Korvenlampi lean-to