• m/s  Jenni Maria III

  • m/s  Jenni Maria III

  • m/s  Jenni Maria III

KulkeeVettenHalki:M/S Jenni-Maria III

M / S Jenni – Maria III offers scheduled cruises, themed cruises and charter cruises for groups. The ship is registered for 65 persons and its home port is in Sysmä on the eastern shore of Lake Päijänne. 

During the summer m/s Jenni Maria III cruises on schedule to Kelvenne island in the hearth of Päijänne national park. M/S Jenni – Maria III also offers themed cruises of which the most popular one is the cruise to the island of Koreakoivu where the hermit Toivo Pylväläinen used to live. On the island you can visit the small cottage with original furniture owned by the hermit and get to know more about his life and living conditions.

Timetable for Päijänne national park cruises



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Name:  KulkeeVettenHalki / m/s Jenni-Maria III

Phone:  +358 405 055 560

email:  kulkeevettenhalki@phnet.fi

Homepage:  www.kulkeevettenhalki.fi