Explore Lake Päijänne by paddling

Experience a peaceful canoe or kayak trip amidst the Päijänne National Park scenery or try the 80 km canoeing route called “Bifurkaatioreitti”. In addition to Lake Päijänne itself, excellent canoeing areas can be found also in Lake Vesijärvi and the other smaller lakes of the region, not forgetting the river Tainionjoki’s “Tainion Taival” canoeing route from Hartola to Sysmä!

Paddling routes

Kelvenne island in Päijänne National Park (map sold at Padasjoki municipal office).
”Bifurkaatioreitti” paddling route, approx. 80 km
“Tainion Taival” paddling route (40 km) from Hartola to Sysmä. Download the map here.

Equipment rental:

Canoes and kayaks can be rented from Lehmonkärki Resort in Asikkala.